for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of June portends Summer. The Summer Solstice doesn't happen for a few weeks, but the weather is already getting warm, and the days are getting longer. For those of you Down Under (you know who you are, Australians, New Zealanders, all those Indonesian-type islanders and stuff, as well as those in southern South America and southern Africa [I know I'm gonna hear from Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, et al]), for the next few months you get to look forward to brutal cold and very short days. Have fun with that.

For the rest of us (Northerners), it's all about sunshine and heat. And that means skin. What's the saying... "Sun's out; Guns out!" Yup.

So, to celebrate the forthcoming Solstice, here's today's guy. His guns are definitely out. And so are his abs. And his pecs. Legs too. And what-da-ya-know, it looks like he's fixin' to bring something else out!

God I love summer.


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