nOW AVAILABLE! JUST PUBLISHED TODAY. If you have a hankering for muscle, and muscle stories (not to mention muscle worship stories), you're in luck. My newest book, "Ethan's Great Awakening" is now available in the Kindle format. Click HERE, or on the picture below to go to the page where it's available. Oh, and please, after you read it, will you support me by returning to that page at Amazon, and WRITE A REVIEW? Pretty please? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.



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0 #2 Ken 2017-05-08 07:59
I loved this story when you originally published part of it. I've just purchased the book and can't wait to get reading. Thanks Sean!
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+1 #1 dredlifter 2017-04-29 13:32
Yessss! I always get excited when I see you post new stuff
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