lately I've been stalking—er, I mean, becoming friends with—a dude from work. He's a fine man indeed. Tall, lean, strong, gorgeous. Ostensibly straight, yet (apparently) quite innocent and friendly.

You get my point.

Let's call him Csaba.

So we've taken to texting each other, Csaba and I, often late in to the night. Usually we use Facebook's Messenger.

As you may be aware, whenever one receives a text message in Messenger, a distinctive "ping" sounds on said recipient's phone. And to be honest, I've started to get hard whenever I hear that ping.

The dude wants to talk? Csaba, is that you?

The CWS is prolly not aware that I have an extensive background in psychology. (I've elected to keep this part of my edumication secret to those outside my Inner Circle.) And what I found, during my undergraduate work (actually, I only majored in psychology for a few months, back when I attended our local Community College, so take all this shit with the proverbial grain of salt, as they say), was that there was this psycho (logist) dude, way back in the day, who had long white hair. He must've had some kind of bestiality fetish, 'cuz he used dogs to prove his shit.

You are familiar with said famous psycho-scientist Pavlov, no? He's remembered for postulating (love that word) the idea what when a bell rings, a dog starts salivating. I've never actually read Pavlov's thesis, but I do find the concept fascinating. Ring a bell, make a dog spit. Who knew? I've actually tried the idea on my Shih Tzu, but it didn't work. That damn dog won't spit for nuttin'. Ring a bell all day long, and the thing just lies (or is it lays?) there.

Anyhoo, what I'm tryin' to say here is that every time that damn "Messenger" bell pings my phone, I sit straight* upright in my bed, and start to get hard. Then, I look at the message from Csaba, blithely respond, then lie (or is it lay?) back on my pillow and jerk off. Just the fact that the dude wants to text makes me ejaculate. Truth.

So now, Ping = Boner.

And I'm a wreck.

Apparently Pavlov knew what he was talking about.

---  ---

* That word has various meanings, okay? 

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