AVID IN AUSTIN is now up in its entirety. Hope you enjoy (or, re-enjoy) it. The more times I put the text of this story into my text-to-speech talker, the more I like listening to it. Despite not being able to find a voice that isn't stilted and computery, I like to listen (almost as much as I like to watch).

And speaking of liking. Today's guy is jaw-droppingly* muscular, no? Fudge... that big, thick vein on his biceps (technically, called the cephalic vein) is, to me, the hottest thing Ev-r.

Roll your mouse over him and you'll see what I said when I first found this pic. Personally, I'd like to roll something other than my mouse over him.

Can you imagine showing up at your local coffee house and seeing this muscle god sitting there, just minding his own business, sipping on his coffee? Like... you know, he was just a regular dude? I'd scald myself with my coffee. Then I'd sit down somewhere, with a perfect view of him, and pretend like nothing had happened. 

Then I'd whip it out. I mean... I'd whip out my laptop and finish the last chapter of Levi's Muscles for publishing on Wednesday (most likely).  :) 


OH: I went to have my oil changed today (or as I like to tell it, I got lubed up real good). And get this: The guy who serviced me (my car, anyway) was named Levi. Said so right there on his shirt. Hand-to-one-of-the-gods. I took it as a sign.

— —

* Mr. Spell-checker says this is not a word. Obviously, Mr. Spell-checker is not a sthenolagniac. (He doesn't like that word either.)






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