TUESDAY, juLY 28, 2020




UMMER IS DEFINITELY HERE! And I absolutely love it. Us Oregonians definitely appreciate these hot, sunny days. It's been in the upper 90s (over 32C) the past few days, and the next few days promise to provide 90 degree weather again.

It's not uncommon for Portland temperatures to get this high in the summer, contrary to the prevailing understanding of outsiders. And this is why I love this place. Here, we actually get all four seasons. Summer can be hot; autumn is breathtakingly beautiful; winter can be snowy and fun; spring is bright and wondrous. It's a playground here

But then there's the recent "unrest" that has put Portland into the headlines around the world. The misinformation that the mainstream media vomits all over the place... about the unrest here? Well, let's just say that the information you see is only partly (and what part is that?) accurate. I shan't get into that. This isn't a political site. It's a muscle site.

Which brings me to today's post.


And muscle fascination.

So, with that, we (re-)present the final chapters of the "David & Goliath" series. This series was originally presented years ago, yet only now are they newly available to the muslce-worshipping public. Like you.

So feel free to click on the SEAN'S MUSCLE STORIES link, above.






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