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More Luke Tanner: Christmas on Mt. Hood




ERRY UPCOMING CHRISTMAS to y'all! To help you get into the mood of the season I have a new muscle story for you! Yeah, it wouldn't be Christmas without a story of meeting that long-lost muscle-hunk relative of yours, right? 

If that's how you celebrate the Holidays, this story is for you!

The main character in this story will be familiar to those of you who read my "Unit 55" story. I wanted to write more stuff featuring hyper-muscular Cpl. Luke Tanner because, well, he is just so...hyper-muscular!  Yet apparently the powers that be decided to change the name of Tanner's elite unit to something more descriptive. So now, instead of "Unit 55" it's called MSCL Force, which stands for Maximum-Strength Covert Logistics. You'll see in the story, a bit more about how magnificently powerful and good-looking Luke is. And in this Christmas story, he taunts and tortures his good-looking nephew, Jett.

So grab a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and cozy up next to the bay window that looks out over the Currier & Ives scene that I just know is visible outside of your home. Then, click HERE to get to the story (well, the first part, anyway; this'll be in four parts, all of which will be posted within the next week). Hope you enjoy!






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