T'S BEEN A NICE SATURDAY IN PORTLAND, and I'm soaking in the last few days of summer here. As the studious CWS may—or may not—know, autumn begins on Monday, the 23rd. IMHO, that seems a tad late. Doesn't fall usually start on either the 21st or the 22nd?

Sounds like some kind of conspiracy to me.

I think someone's playing with us. The purpose: yet unknown. But it sounds nefarious, fersher.

Other than that, it's a nice weekend. The last one of summer, apparently. But make no doubt about it, autumn is prolly my favorite season. Not to downplay the shirtless wonder of summer, but as far as actual seasons go, fall is pretty darn spectacular here in the Specific Northwest.

And what, you are asking, does this have to do with muscle?

Nuttin', I-spose. I just wanted to say "hi", and ask how things are hanging.

Oh, and I also wanted to ask you: What should be my next move?

Oh, and PS: I'm addicted to the A&E Network's "LIVE PD" series. It's fascinating to watch. And the numerous, actually real, hunky, gorgeous police officers from the various departments the show follows—SO HAWT to watch!






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