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TUESDAY, November 13, 2018




Y LATEST MUSCLE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! Mediterranean Muscle is a tale of muscle lust and subversive intrigue.

What makes this book so deliciously delicious is that I've achieved my life-long dream of collaborating with my favorite render artist, ManOfSteel. (Okay, life-long in the sense the "life of me knowing him".) Mediterranean Muscle "stars" ManOfSteel's DAVID, as Kellan, quite likely the most wonderfully-developed, gorgeous, strong, ripped, huge and lean physique in the world.

Aboard a luxury yacht, the Manhattan, four filthy-rich men are spending a long weekend with their guest of honor, Kellan (DAVID). And each man is hopelessly stricken with my favorite "malady", Sthenolagnia. Yeah, they're kindred spirits, if you know what I mean. After they depart Athens on the Manhattan and finally get to lay their eyes (and some other body parts) on Kellan, the billionaires are besides themselves with lust. Over the three-day-weekend, they'll each get a chance to get to know Kellan more intimately. The weekend is supposed to climax (ahem) with a muscle-strength challenge for Kellan, a challenge that will likely test his strength to its very limit.

But will they even get that far? Seems someone on the boat might be up to no good. Hmmm....

The book is available for Kindle, on right now, for $2.99USD. (It's also available in other countries' Amazon book sites as well.) Please know, though, that YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE DEVICE to read this book. There are FREE apps you can download to your PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Check out THIS PAGE to get one.

So, have at it! One favor: After you read the book, can you please do me a solid, and take just a minute to return to the Amazon page where you bought the book (link below), and leave a review? And as many stars as you like? Reviews and stars are the lifeblood of Amazon authors, so both ManOfSteel and I would greatly appreciate it! (He and I are splitting proceeds 50/50. We prolly won't get rich on this, but it might help out the coffee fund!) THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

HERE IS THE LINK TO GET MEDITERRANEAN MUSCLE. Enjoy! OH, if you want to read another "blurb" about the book, and see a few of ManOfSteel's renders in the book, have a gander HERE.






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