Friday, November 9, 2018




UE TO CIRCUMSTANCES TOTALLY WITHIN our control, the release of my new muscle book has been delayed until next week. Sorry.

I know, right?

Here you were, thinking you were gonna turn on the fireplace (as opposed to actually building a real fire), change into your "Grinch" onesie, grab your great-grandmother's cherished old comforter, put some kind of hot toddy in your glass, grab yet another warm alcoholic drink (Brandy, perhaps) just to make sure you don't run out, snuggle down in your favorite Barcalounger®, and fire up your Kindle® to read the aforementioned muscle book this weekend.

But no.

Sorry. In' gonna happen. Yet.

You see, things came up. Delays. Revisions. Syntax issues. More delays. Amendments. More revisions. Addendums. Proofreading errors (as if). Stuff like that. General publishing things us enormously successful authors have to deal-wif every stinkin' day. It's a burden, I tell you.

But I promise, once you get your hands on said book, you're gonna love it in an instant.

So... you're saying you absolutely can't wait? Well, there IS one way you can get at it. Right now: Join the David Yahoo! Fan Club. I posted a post there that asks for members of the club to read the book in advance of its official publish date. (The dreaded next week.) Said post has an actual link to the Amazon page where the book lies (or is it "lays"?) in wait! If'n you want to help me out, and if you have an (already) active Amazon account, please feel free to join the Yahoo! David fan club, buy the book NOW (YES!) and then, if you would, after you read said tome, please return to the Amazon page whence you purchased it and leave a REVIEW there so when it's officially released next week, there will already be a few reviews to entice people to jump on it!

I totally love my Seanny-lovers! If you want to show your support, please follow the above instructions. Post a review of the new book. Then send me an email to tell me how absolutely glorious I am. (Yes, I already know how glorious I am, but a little personal encouragement never hurt anyone.) Also, be sure to tell me how much you love my astounding humility!






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