WEDNESDAY, November 7, 2018




HOPE YOU ENJOYED OUR ERECTION COVERAGE yesterday. Hopefully it was the diversion you needed to endure the wall-to-wall election coverage everywhere else. There's just no creativity in journalism anymore, you know?

Seems today's guy just couldn't stay away from watching the election returns on his phone though. Some people just have to stay informed, I guess. (Yeah, right. He's checking returns on his phone right there. NOT taking a selfie. He WANTS you to think he's taking a selfie, but trust me.) Damn, dude, nice cephalic vein you got going on there!

Anyhoo, IMHO we're all winners, as far as the election (being over) goes! Because we can go back to watching TV ads of hunky guys shaving, instead of those horrific ads that show political opponents in unflattering pictures and slo-mo talking, in black-and-white. (Does anyone really think those influence people? God, I wish they'd just go away. The ads, not the people. Well, maybe the people too—from politics that is. Go away from politics if you have to resort to putting an ugly picture of your opponent on TV in order to get your message across. That's my story, and I'm stickin' with it.)

Personally, I think the pix here on my site (and on my Tumblr page) are much more flattering.






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