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Halloween Day, 2018




T'S NOT QUITE THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN, but it's as good as you're gonna get on an adult gay muscle website. Actually, it might be better.*

Our Halloween Guy (right) was seriously considering going out and doing some Trick-or Treating tonight. Fortunately (for him) he decided to stay in, and read some of my stories: Gay Halloween Muscle Stories. You might want to consider doing the same, 'cuz: Have I got some cool Halloween stuff going on here!

First of all, the astute (possibly satanically-possessed) CWS has prolly already read my two featured Halloween stories: "Haunted House" (which is quite gruesome and dementedly gross), and "Halloween Man" (which is a tad less gruesome and somewhate less dementedly gross). And yet, I can now actually hear the throngs of CWSs calling out: "But Seanny?! What if I can't read? How will I ever enjoy your stuff then?!"

A) The obvious response I would give is: I got you covered dude. There's an actual AUDIO recording of Yours Truly READING the aforementioned "Halloween Man" story. So, you're all set. (Deets will be forthcoming.)

2) If you can't actually read, and you actually require an audio recording (similar to the aforementioned one I [afore]mentioned), then what on Earth are you doing reading this? I mean, you are illiterate, no?

2a) Gotcha.

So anyway, let's briefly reconsider today's Halloween Guy. You know you want to mouse over him. So... do it. Go ahead. Mouse. Mouse him. Over him. All over. Take your mouse and slowly, tenderly, run it all over his gorgeous body. You know you wanna. He has some words for you. (In balloons.) Feel free to actually CLICK ON HIM (I know, right?) if you want to see him (get) bigger.

So, that audio recording I mentioned (aforemetionedly)? Well, grab your headphones and then click HERE. You're gonna love it, because the voice you're going to hear (distorted as it might be) is actually mine. And the whole thing is decidedly Halloween.


Of course, "Haunted House" is also available for your enjoyment. If you enjoy snuff.

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* Huh? 






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