HEN I WAS A KID, HALLOWEEN WAS KIND OF actually romantic to me. I know: weird, huh? But if you will, allow me to expatiate.

Yesterday I asked you, the CWS, to graciously not require me to reveal which of my three favorite holidays actually tops my list. Well, I want to thank all of you for heeding my wishes. No one asked/taunted. (Mayhaps because no one's there? But that's a whole nother post I guess.) Yet, I'm gonna let you in on my thoughts, convoluted as they might be: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

There, I said it.

batI can hear the throngs of you CWSs now: "Seanny! Say it in't so! You love Thanksgiving more than the Birth of our Lord? How... how... how irreverent!" Borders on sacrilegious, huh?**


And yet, for me, Thanksgiving was so entirely wonderful simply because of... wait for it... the turkey!


It was wonderful because of the family stuff. Don't ask me why there seemed to be more family stuff on T-day than X-mas.

It. Just. Was.

The faux Birth of our Lord and Savior (Christmas) comes in second. And I say "faux" because everyone knows Hey-soos was born sometime in April. The archeological digs, plus the county library records, prove it. The Savior of the World was not only illegitimate, but He was born in April, not December. I think they mentioned it in that Tom Hanks flick... um... "The DaVinci Coded Message." Or whatever. Maybe that's why Christmas comes in second: I was dubious about the date.

Flash backward to Halloween. Shall we?


Maybe I was kind of a loner. Maybe I was totally in love with candy corn. Maybe I loved watching kids bob-for-apples. (Fersher, I did NOT like bobbing-for-apples myself. Waaaaay too messy. And icky-wet. Plus, I never actually saw the point. But I did enjoy watching those Alpha kids try. Those thick-necked studs who thought they could push their heads under water and grab sumpin' with their teeth and...) Or maybe I just loved the mystery and spookiness. There's truly nothing quite like a Dark And Stormy Night. I do know that the weather might have something to do with it. Autumn in Oregon is the best thing a human person can actually ever experience. (Yes, I know that New England is renowned for its fall wonderfulness: by those who haven't experienced it in the Pacific Northwest. Jus' sayin'.) The wind. The wind blowing in the trees. The pounding rain. The cozy nights inside, whilst listing to the aforementioned wind and rain outside.

Who can actually say why they fall in love?*** 

Thence, my previous label of "romantic." Halloween is morbidly romantic to me. It's morbid (scary stuff, you know?) and it's romantic. And by now, the Curious Web Surfer realizes that in this context, "romantic" has nothing to do with romantic love, per se. Think "The Romantic Age." That kind of stuff. CF: Tchaikovsky, Dvořák, Liszt, et al. (These are a few of my favorite things [composers of the Romantic era].)

Please don't try to analyze me. You'll be here till next Halloween.  

But DO analyze today's man. He thinks he's seen a Halloween ghost. Methinks I've seen a muscle god. (DO mouse over him, above, to see his words.)

[Have you taken the Halloween Poll yet?]



* The "gonads" was click-bait. Sorry.

**Heh, heh. Well, sacreligious is not merely a whole nother post, it's an entire book!

***And us gays obviously know that since we can't choose with whom we fall in love, this paradigm is particularly near and dear to our hearts, no?






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