O YOU HAVE A FAVORITE DIVA? It might be a stereotype, but it seems a lot of gay guys have a special affection for a particular Diva, or possibly for Divas in general. Personally, I can't blame anyone for liking some good music, combined with a great personality. A beautiful woman is nice, too. (Like I tell many of my friends, "I'm gay, not blind.")

That gay men are uber-aware of beauty should come as no shock. I have one friend who is married—to a woman—and this guy is quite the decorator. Has a special way with flowers, too. He once invited a gay friend over to his house while wifey was away, just to show said gay friend around. He told me later that the gay friend, after noting my buddy's decor skills, said: "I can't believe you wife doesn't know you're gay."

So yeah, some'us guys have an eye for art, music, fashion, all things aesthetic. Yet, when it comes to men, Yours Truly is not into twinks, nor is he into those who lean toward the effeminate end of the spectrum. I like me a manly man. Manly, Muscular, Masculine Man. No drag queens for me, when it comes to my sexual proclivities. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I enjoy me a good time with all sorts of people. But in my bed, on my computer screen, in stories, in my fantasies, I take only studly dudes. It's my way.)

Hence this weekend's POLL: Do you have a favorite Diva? My polling software is limited to only five answers, so I tried to name a few popular ones from which the CWS can choose. Perhaps someone will populate my Tip Jar so I can spring for the Deluxe Version of said software, and thence afford the CWS with a plethora of choices.

Well, I see I am getting a bit wordy now, which must be my signal to wrap up this here post. If you don't see your Diva listed in the poll (TAKE IT NOW!), please email me and let me know who you like. And why.

Come to think of it, email me even if you don't have a Diva opinion. I wanna hear from you! I need to know that you still love me!

[NOTE: TODAY'S GUY (click on 'im!) has nothing to do with today's post. Just thought I'd throw up something that's related to current events.]







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