ATIONALISM? RIGHT HERE IN RIVER CITY? So, Seanny is posting 9/11 stuff on a muscle-gay-erotica website? WTF?! I'm here to masturbate to muscle men, Seanny! I don't want to hear your American Nationalistic diatribe! Why did you post that stuff yesterday?

Well, sorry bud. It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to. K? If you don't want your blogger to be an American, find another blogger.

The reason I posted the 9/11 stuff is because I'm an American. I'm an Oregonian. I'm a bunch of other stuff too, but my nationality is important to me. I sometimes cry during the National Anthem. Sometimes I even cry during my state song, "Oregon, My Oregon."

So there.

But I am also a muscle-loving masturbator. So there's that, too.

I'm a tad sentimental, I guess. And I can imagine that that sentimentality sometimes goes off the rails. I understand that it might need to be reined in a bit. Occasionally.

Please bear with me, K?

(Yet do NOT construe this to be any kind of apology, K?)






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