HE LABOR DAY WEEKEND ushers us into the back-to-school days, and ultimately Autumn. It is, as they say, coming.

So, how 'bout you? Did you go camping? Eat any weenies? Meet any nekkid muscle-hunks on a hiking trail?

Or maybe, like me, you bumped into your muscle-hunk at the gym this weekend. Mine was between sets of biceps curls when I snapped the pic for today. All huge-armed, and gigantic pecs. Basically no fat anywhere. Really nice guy too. Most guys I hit on at the gym are too busy working out to take the time to get to know me. But I dunno, I guess Anton—his name, I later found out after we had sex in his apartment—must've seen something in me: something caring, considerate, visceral, sweet-yet-tangy, filthy-rich, willing-to-bottom. Stuff like that. Because when I sauntered up to him between his sets and gave him one of my seven favorite come-on lines, he tried to fight down a grin, looked at me, and said, "I bet you say that to all the 260 pound shirtless bodybuilders with less than six percent body fat, who think you're cuter-n-snot."

I blushed, and fanned my face with my hand. "Mind if I take your picture while you work out all those powerful muscles?"

"Mind if we go back to my apartment after that?" he returned.

Yeah, what a great weekend.

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