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EY THERE! WELCOME BACK TO ME! And welcome to the HOME page of this here website! (Yeah, the blog has moved. More about that in a moment.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the best summer EV er! Nothing earth-shattering, just fun-in-the-sun fantasticalness!

But now it’s time to regroup, get ready for school again (as if. My brain is already too full; I can’t afford to learn anything more) and prepare for Fall Fun. So, this weekend we’ll be having our Labor Day Extravaganza to do just that!

The end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere doesn’t actually happen for a few weeks, but here in the United States, we tend to look at the Labor Day Weekend as the last hurrah for summer fun.

School will be starting next week for many of the kids; vacations wind down now too.

So imagine my surprise when, during a celebrity party, I ran smack-dab into today's guys Simeon Panda and Chris Bumstead! (Click on them at the right. Then stare for a few seconds before reading on, k?) DAYUM, I'd love to spend some time with either of these dudes! Even just to talk! And look...) Amazing, isn’t it! So amazing that it just couldn’t be true, right? So use your imagination already. Can you actually imagine bumping into these two muscle-hunks, at the same time? Holy fudge in a plastic baggie!

Anyhoo, I hope your summer (or winter if you live on the bottom half of the planet) was spectacular. Send in your photos!

OH, and be sure to take our Back-to-School Poll!

Also, the astute CWS will realize that the blog page is now part of the front page on MuscleStimulus.com! See? You’re reading this right now, and you’re ON the home page! How’d that happen? More frequent blog posts to come, now that I won’t need to (nor be able to) sun myself on the back patio.

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