UMMERTIME IS WHEN SOME OF US gather with our extended families to renew friendships, animosities, jealousies, and whatever else we carry forward from our childhood interactions with the cousins, etc.

Me, I always look forward to seeing dear Aunt Millie. She's the wife of my late Uncle Otis; she's a redhead firebrand who always has numerous stories of her world travels and conquests.

Yet my family is so huge that I always know summertime Reunions will invariably include many, many cousins and nephews who have grown (through the wonderful change of puberty) into virile, strapping, hunky young men. Too, there's always the gorgeous, muscular new husband of some cousin or niece. This year's Reunion in Central Oregon (just a few ticks north of Sunriver), did not disappoint.

I snapped today's pic right after a friendly game of horseshoes on Saturday afternoon. The stud on the left is my third-cousin-twice-removed, Buck. The guy on the right is my Aunt Pearl's new (fourth) husband, Rocky. (Aunt Pearl is 84; she likes the young'ns.) Buck and Rocky met at the Reunion, and well, they hit it off right away. In fact, after I snapped this pic, no one saw either of them until camp disbanded on Sunday afternoon. Hmmm...

Twas a nice Reunion indeed.






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