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Yes, it's true. Your Seanny is still here, appearing, once again, just when it's time to possibly promote his wonderful writing stuff. Yeah, don't hate me because I'm a capitalist. Give Thanks, k?

Thanksgiving is nigh. Well, here in the US it's nigh. In Canada it happens sometime in Weirdvember. (But you gotta love them Canadians. They're great. Jus' sayin'.)

But for us Americans, we're gonna celebrate Thanksgiving in a few days (Thursday, November 23, to be precise). It's a really cool tradition. The first Pilgrims (those Puritan peeps what came over from evil England) allegedly celebrated the first Thanksgiving way back in the 1600s (long before I was available). There was corn (provided by those Native Americans—what we now realize were ignerntly appeasing their overtakers), fresh-squeezed butter, sweet taters ("yams" to those of you in Boring), green olives (gotta love those Greeks), mashed taters, cranberry gel (freshly forced out of cans), and of course punkin pie. It was all good. That first Thanksgiving.

Anyhoo, many years L8r, President Lincoln (I think) declared the first official gub'ment recognition of an official four-day-US-holiday: Thanksgiving.

Now, all us Americans hop on our under-developed, under-maintained highways, hoping the infrastructure we PAY our CONGRESS to MAINTAIN, UPGRADE and stuff—will provide adequate access for us to go Over The River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House. We go. (Am I getting a bit political here? 'bout the infrastructure stuff?)

Yet, no.

We're stuck in traffic. On Thanksgiving Eve (upcoming Wednesday), it's said that more people die of boredom whilst sitting in traffic, than turkeys die on their way to the Thanksgiving Day table. Can you believe that? It's TRUE! (If you believe in fake news.)

Okay, I digress. Let's get back to the point of this post. Thanksgiving. And what to do whilst you're driving: Well, if you're driving, please put your "device" down, and drive. [And by DEVICE, I mean: DEVICE.] If you're a passenger, please download my timeless THANKSGIVING STORY, "MUSCLE HOLIDAY." You'll be jerking off (in the back seat) in no time. Once you get to Gramma's house, you'll be all spent, and won't be able to enjoy Cousin Mark (or whomever), in all his heretofore undiscovered muscularity. But then, Cousin Mark is imaginary. My story is prolly the best you'll be able to do.


Lemme know how much you enjoyed the story. Paste a review on the AMAZON PAGE whence you bought it for your Kindle. Send me an email. Post sumpin' on TUMBLR. It's all good.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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this has been just a fantastic summer. I don't know about you, but I absolutely love hot. It could be argued that anyone from Portland would yearn for the hot; I can understand that. But it's not like we never get hot days here. And besides: it is, as they say, a dry heat. Last week we almost broke the all-time-high-for-any-day in Portland (which stands at 107°F [41.7°C according to Siri]), but those dang Canadians decided to throw some forest fire parties. Apparently, the haze from those fires—as it blew south—cooled us down.

Be that as it may, it has still been one hawt summer. 

One of the best things is that I've been able to finish the third book in my middle-earth-type trilogy, The Tales of Monarchy Rae: "The Siege of Raedin Eagle." It's available on Amazon now (HERE). And even though you might not get into that kind of Tolkeinesque stuff, as this reviewer said: "If you're into muscle worship, you need to read this book." (Thanks, Jon!)

And take heart, I'm already way-more-than-halfway done with my next book. It's more a mainstream (and muscle!) romance. You're gonna love it. Stay tuned. Hopefully in a month or two....

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It's here! It's HERE!

After you read it, please return to amazon.com
(the page where you bought it) and leave a review!
I'd really appreciate it!

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so far, this is turning out to be a Summer to Remember. I don't know how it is where you live (those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, since that's where summer is happening right now), but us Portlanders are enjoying one of the best summers ever. Highs in the 80°s F (upper 20°s for you Celsius-types) pretty-much every day. Some mornings come with a few clouds, but it always clears by noon. Most days are clear to begin with, which makes for a great time to take a morning stroll with Barker, up to S-Bux. He loves to watch me sip my iced-coffee. Actually, he loves to watch me do anything. (I suspect my dog might be a homosexual. We're definitely kindred spirits.)

Anyway, so much for the weather, huh? The informed CWS might wonder what the weather has to do with muscle (which is what this site is supposed to be all about, right?). Well, allow me to elucidate: Sunshine and warm weather means the muscle dudes tend to wear less of the fabrics. Which = more opportunity to ogle muscle! 'nuf said?

Today's guy is a prime example (I tend to believe he's been visited by Morpheus, but I hope not). Sun, water, sand, muscle. Then, an afternoon masturbate-session in the beach cabin, over previously-eyed muscle god. Repeat. (Have you ever noticed how much more exciting it is to masturbate when you have a sunburn? Just an observation.)

Okay, moving on... the aforementioned CWS might want to consider whether-or-not he's* read the first two books in the Tales of Monarchy Rae series. Why? Because the third book in this trilogy is coming in August. So, said CWS might want to be ready for the best book in the series. Clicky HERE for more info. The first two books have been reduced to their lowest price EV-er, BTW: A mere 99¢USD. If you have enough moo-lah to afford an Internet connection (and if you're reading this post anywhere other than the pubic—er, public—library, then you do), you can surely rub together a couple-four Kennedy Coins and purchase said tomes before the roll-out of the third (and admittedly, most glorious) book in said trilogy. No? [Book Three should be read after the other too, IMHO.]

So, read. Sun. Ogle. Masturbate. Sex. '17 is surely the Summer of Muscle. Be sure to keep an eye pealed for book 3, k?

God I love summer.


* I have to believe that the vast majority of my demographic is male.

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ah summer. As I type these words, the Northern Hemisphere is only hours away from the Summer Solstice. And I love it.

In fact, I hired today's dude to drive me directly into summer. To be honest, he could drive me anywhere. Winter too.

Are you looking for a great summer read? Of course you are. What better way to wile away the hours on the beach than with a sensual, sultry, lustful, passionate novella? (Other than gawking at scantily-clad muscle men, no?) Well, in case your beach—or poolside—doesn't provide the requisite scantily-clad muscle, I have just the suggestion.

"What, pray-tell, is that?" the CWS (Curious Web Surfer) may be asking. It is this: My latest Muscle Story, "Ethan's Great Awakening"! *  If'n you're lounging in a chaise this summer, and can't find a thing to do with your hands, pick up your Kindle and read this book! I promise: If you like Muscle... and if you like fiction, you'll love my book.

Still not convinced? Well have a gander at one of the comments on the Amazon page what sells my book. This, by a wonder-struck reader: 

"This most recent work is probably one of [Sean’s] best.

"…for those into muscles and gay sex, [Sean] puts out out the best of the best. He is in a class of his own.

"…a good fiction writer must have a creative mind and a penchant toward fantasy, which makes Sean a very good writer. No, an excellent writer.

"…hold on to your seat belt, or something in that general area, because the last chapter is a mind-blowing. Stunning! Sizzling! OMG HOT."

So, your next step is to CLICK HERE.

God I love summer.


* I prefer the British convention when it comes to quoties and punctuation marks. Makes more sense to me. Email me if you want to be elucidated regarding my justification for this position.

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for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of June portends Summer. The Summer Solstice doesn't happen for a few weeks, but the weather is already getting warm, and the days are getting longer. For those of you Down Under (you know who you are, Australians, New Zealanders, all those Indonesian-type islanders and stuff, as well as those in southern South America and southern Africa [I know I'm gonna hear from Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, et al]), for the next few months you get to look forward to brutal cold and very short days. Have fun with that.

For the rest of us (Northerners), it's all about sunshine and heat. And that means skin. What's the saying... "Sun's out; Guns out!" Yup.

So, to celebrate the forthcoming Solstice, here's today's guy. His guns are definitely out. And so are his abs. And his pecs. Legs too. And what-da-ya-know, it looks like he's fixin' to bring something else out!

God I love summer.


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obviously, the astute visitor to this site will be able to immediately tell that today's post is slightly off-topic. Slightly.

I just wanted to share with you my recent viewage experience on Netflix's show, "The Keepers". It has nothing to do with muscle. But I enjoyed it, and I thought I'd share.

So there. I've done it. Consider it shared. I recommend it. I won't say much more than this: Apparently some of those debased Catholic priests (and certainly not all of them are debased, even though, IMO they might possibly be religiously misled) don't necessarily imbibe the mano-a-mano (that's a loose translation of what I indended to be "man-on-man") ornamentation (orientation, that is). Some of those debased ones tend toward the heterosexual. And not in a good way, mind you.

I just thought it was an interesting docu-series. Look it up on Netflix: "The Keepers".

We'll be back to our regular Muscle fare shortly.

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nOW AVAILABLE! JUST PUBLISHED TODAY. If you have a hankering for muscle, and muscle stories (not to mention muscle worship stories), you're in luck. My newest book, "Ethan's Great Awakening" is now available in the Kindle format. Click HERE, or on the picture below to go to the Amazon.com page where it's available. Oh, and please, after you read it, will you support me by returning to that page at Amazon, and WRITE A REVIEW? Pretty please? I'd appreciate it. Thank you.



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well, my Curious Web Surfing friends, it's about time I published a new book on Amazon.com, don't you think? Well, I do. Thence, tomorrow, I'll have a link to my new book, "Ethan's Great Awakening." Some of you might remember I posted a story on my old site, titled "Ethan's Awakening," a few years back. I got so much positive feedback on that story that I thought I'd expand it.

Thence, "Ethan's Great Awakening." It'll be a buck-two-ninety-five or so, and I'm confident that those of you who love muscle-worship erotica as only I can deliver it (friendly, consistent, and most importantly, HUMBLE me), then you'll wanna get this book.

In anticipation of this exciting publishment (that's not a word), HERE's a link to the original "Ethan's Awakening" story, just to whet your erotic appetite. Note: the new story will have a few tweaks and changes to the first section (at the aforementioned link), so it'll be a tad different. Then, there are a bunch of new chapters. You're gonna love it in an instant. Guaranteed to make any muscle-erotica lover hard, (if not more than hard!).

So, check back tomorrow! I'll have a link to the book's page on Amazon.com. Oh, as with all of my books, I'm only publishing it for the Kindle, not as a paperback. Let me know if you have a hankering for another format (Apple Books, maybe? That's doable if I get enough requests).


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in the before-time, I wrote a story, titled "Strapping." The inspiration for the main character was the inimitable Victor Martinez, pictured as Today's Guy. So, since today is actually Frowback Friday, I thought I'd start re-publishing said story. We begin (rather appropriately, I believe) with Chapter One

The Curious Web Surfer is encouraged to clicky on Victor's gorgeous body, wherein said Surfer will be magically transported to the aforementioned chapter.









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being 17 is a great movie. Set in the French Alps, it’s a coming-out story that is quite compelling. Blond Damien and Black Thomas are both 17, enrolled at the same high school in their small town. Damien’s mom is a doctor; his dad is in the military. Thomas was adopted by his French parents, and he nurses an underlying insecurity because of that. Yet his resent is most often expressed in homophobic physical confrontations—against Damien.

When Damien’s mother starts treating Thomas’ pregnant mother, the teens are forced into a relationship that Thomas resists at every turn. He continues his aggression against Damien, even though Damien is able to hold his own. Because Thomas’ house is high in the mountains, and since his mother needs bed rest in the town’s hospital to help with her pregnancy, Thomas is compelled to move in with Damien’s family for a brief time. The pressures mount, but one of the joys of this movie was how Damien’s self confidence prevailed.

The story is a very pleasant journey, actually. The two boys continue to harbor animosity toward each other, while simultaneously forming a friendship. The whole progression was beautifully written, and wonderfully acted.

The actors who play both Damien (Kacey Mottet Klein) and Thomas (Corentin Fila) are quite easy on the eyes, and I found myself sighing with approval, more than once. The other scenery was spectacular. I mean, the Alps, okay? The supporting actors were also very good.

This was a high-end kind of indie movie. Definitely worth your time, if you don’t mind the subtitles. [Available on iTunes, and Amazon Prime]

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4odOwOIH70
Released: 2016
Language: French, with subtitles

Sean’s Ratings (Scale: 1 - 7):
Production/cinematography: 6
Writing/Story: 6.5
Acting: 6.5
Eye Candy: 5.5

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lately I've been stalking—er, I mean, becoming friends with—a dude from work. He's a fine man indeed. Tall, lean, strong, gorgeous. Ostensibly straight, yet (apparently) quite innocent and friendly.

You get my point.

Let's call him Csaba.

So we've taken to texting each other, Csaba and I, often late in to the night. Usually we use Facebook's Messenger.

As you may be aware, whenever one receives a text message in Messenger, a distinctive "ping" sounds on said recipient's phone. And to be honest, I've started to get hard whenever I hear that ping.

The dude wants to talk? Csaba, is that you?

The CWS is prolly not aware that I have an extensive background in psychology. (I've elected to keep this part of my edumication secret to those outside my Inner Circle.) And what I found, during my undergraduate work (actually, I only majored in psychology for a few months, back when I attended our local Community College, so take all this shit with the proverbial grain of salt, as they say), was that there was this psycho (logist) dude, way back in the day, who had long white hair. He must've had some kind of bestiality fetish, 'cuz he used dogs to prove his shit.

You are familiar with said famous psycho-scientist Pavlov, no? He's remembered for postulating (love that word) the idea what when a bell rings, a dog starts salivating. I've never actually read Pavlov's thesis, but I do find the concept fascinating. Ring a bell, make a dog spit. Who knew? I've actually tried the idea on my Shih Tzu, but it didn't work. That damn dog won't spit for nuttin'. Ring a bell all day long, and the thing just lies (or is it lays?) there.

Anyhoo, what I'm tryin' to say here is that every time that damn "Messenger" bell pings my phone, I sit straight* upright in my bed, and start to get hard. Then, I look at the message from Csaba, blithely respond, then lie (or is it lay?) back on my pillow and jerk off. Just the fact that the dude wants to text makes me ejaculate. Truth.

So now, Ping = Boner.

And I'm a wreck.

Apparently Pavlov knew what he was talking about.

---  ---

* That word has various meanings, okay? 

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The muscle-nurse


you will NOT believe me when I tell you about my visit to the doctor's office today. Seriously.*

I'm still trying to take it all in (in a manner of speaking).

So, I had a hangnail on my left pinky, and I thought I should, you know, let someone examine me—er, it. So I called my doctor, and he just happened to have an opening today. When I got there, the waiting room was full of other muscular bodybuilder-types, which I thought was a bit strange.

Yet, very nice.

Anyway, when an assistant opened the door and called out, "Seanny? Sean Reid Scott?" I immediately jumped up. She directed me to follow, which, you know, I did. We stopped at the scale in the corridor and she said, "Please take off all your clothes and step on the scale."

Which I did.

She eyed me with a peculiar, rather lusting eye, as I stripped. When I stepped on the electronic scale, ala-naturale, she noted my weight with a sniff. "Two-hunnerd-and-45-pounds." Then she glared at me, obviously checking out my enormous, nekkid, physique, up and down. THEN she tried to grab one of my nips. "Two-hunnerd-and-45-pounds of pure muscle, I see," she cooed.

I pushed her hand away and sneered, "Sorry, honey. I don't play on that team."

She harrumphed, and told me to follow her into an examination room.

Which I did.

Wherein she pretty-much tried to rape me. Long story short, by the time the attending nurse entered, I had the assistant-bitch in a full nelson.

"Miriam," the nurse said as he placed his hands on his hips. "You know the doctor has told you to stop raping the patients. For chrissakes, take a stroll out to the waiting room. There just might be a pound or two of muscle out there what might be amenable to your particular fetish."

She looked at the male nurse and said, "Yeah, but this is Sean Reid Scott! Where am I gonna find a man like this? "

The hunky nurse pushed her out of the room. I was still completely nekkid. I held my clothes at my side. He offered to help me dress.

Which I refused.

I did, however, elect to move said clothing in front of my lower torso, in order to hide my growing erection, since the nurse dude was OH MY GOD HOT AS HELL, and had more muscles than should be allowed by law.

The sizzling-hot muscle-nurse took my blood pressure, and my pulse. He was a bit surprised with my vitals. "They're a bit elevated, dude," he said, seemingly genuinely perplexed.

Breaking News: That wasn't the ONLY thing about me that was elevated. Thanks be to the gods I still had my clothes covering my essentials.

I insisted that he take my vitals again. And again. And, actually, again.

"Hmmm..." he finally said. "Maybe I need to do more research here. You're obviously in excellent health, Sean Reid Scott. Your physique is almost as gorgeous-and-developed as my own."

"Almost," I squeaked.

"So, I propose that you let me probe you a bit more. If that's alright with you." He gave me a wink and a smile, and I nearly gave him an involuntary sperm sample right then and there. He patted the exam table and cocked his head to the side. "I'd like you to hop up here, so I can probe you more closely before the doctor comes in."

Which I did.


---  ---

* As is our policy here at MuscleStimulus.com, some of the items presented for your reading (and viewing) pleasure may contain "fake news" kind of stuff. 

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